Detroit and the 2010 US Social Forum

Compass contributors and friends attended the US Social Forum in Detroit. This visit followed on the heels of several visits and extended conversations with some Detroit-based individuals and organizations over the last year.

Compass proposed and held a workshop (Cartography With Your Feet) at the Social Forum. The workshop presented an outline of our working methodology—a form of embodied, place-based research—that is being developed through our ongoing series of collective and individual “drifts.” This brief presentation was followed up with a participatory mapping activity, prompting ourselves and guests to map (on paper) the geography between our points of origin and the USSF in Detroit. We asked questions about both the literal and political roads taken.

We also held a BBQ across from the historic King Solomon Baptist Church, located around the corner from Hush House. We hung out under the Car Pool tent, created by Adrian Blackwell, and had a wonderful evening of conversations with folks from Chicago, California, and neighbors. Hush House members showed us the meditation garden recently installed by USSF volunteers, and the Hush House museum.

Compass contributors Dan S Wang, Brian Holmes, and Sarah Ross (download a PDF of the Public I newspaper containing the article) have written great reports on our activities there and their own impressions and experiences.

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